Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Statis Pro Card Creator

I was introduced to Statis Pro Baseball by a good friend of mine only about 2 years ago. Once I learned how to play I watched how painstaking the process was in order to create not only new cards for old players that were missing from various teams, but creating an entire team from some of the more recent years. Since I'm as pigheaded as I possibly can be I started looking for a better way to make the cards and make them A LOT faster that the current process. So my good friend and I started down the Excel path.

The very first version, no longer in existence, was basically one sheet that allowed you to fill in various stats and would give you the basic idea of what stats should go where. No cards populated, and you had to basically assign the numbers yourself; essentially the only thing this sheet did for you was eliminate the math for you.

Helpful as it was, it just wasn't good enough for me. Like I said I'm too pigheaded for that, so the Statis Pro Card Creator was born. At first it completely populated one card, and one card only. But for some reason it was popular enough, there were a few other sheets out there that did the calculations for you, but much like my first sheet they only did the math for you; they certainly didn't populate the card with all of the correct info.

My inbox was overwhelmed with thanks you's, and requests for updates as they became available.

After numerous requests by various fans to make a nine player sheet, and my initial unwillingness to take on such a project; SPCard9.zip was finally brought into existence.

The popularity of this sheet has been overwhelming...and for those of you that helped me along on the process by sending in bugs and requests for various features...my heartfelt thank you. It means a lot to me that this has been received so well; please feel free to leave your comments below.

The basic reason why such a great game was killed off goes something like this (as borrowed from here):

MLB: Hey, you are selling a product with ties to Major League Baseball, right ?

AH: Well, we are producing cards for our board game, yes

MLB: Ya know, you never did give us any money for using our teams and players names.

AH: Well, we really don't make money at this, just break even.

MLB: Show me the money!

AH: Well, if we had to pay you, we would have to stop making the cards.

MLB: Show me the money!

AH: Don't you understand, a lot of fans play this game and buy your products.

MLB: Show me the money!

AH: You are going to lose out in the long run if you do this.

MLB: Show me the money!